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Please let us know well in advance via email of any medical conditions, food and/or special requirements or allergies.

Come prepared with your Taxidermist's & clearing agent's, address, phone number and email.


Please forward your Airline travel, hotel, and trip planning details to our email as soon as your plans are finalized.

Have a wire transfer set up using these details with your preferred bank prior to your arrival, to initiate the transaction upon departure. (More info on the bottom of hunt information page)

Ensure you have submitted your Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) - Non-residents traveling into New Zealand will require an Electronic Travel Authority. The application for an ETA is a simple 10 minute online process. This must be submitted prior to your arrival in New Zealand or you will not be allowed in. Please use the below link to access the Immigration NZ ETA information and application web page: 

All International travellers are required to have a valid passport to enter into New Zealand. If a passport must be obtained or renewed, please be sure to give yourself at minimum 10-14 weeks for processing.

Fill out the pre-arrival form no later than 2 weeks out from your arrival.. This will be sent out in an email to you, but it is also linked below for your convenience:

We recommend giving us a call us upon arrival in New Zealand, to confirm your travel is going well and as planned. 

 If you happen to get delayed, your flight cancelled or your arrival plans have changed, then we can also update your arrangements to meet your needs accordingly.


​Please email us your travel information including arrival and departure details regarding your trip, no later than 2 weeks before you arrive in New Zealand.

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