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"We met Paul and his team at the Safari Club International gala in Houston, found what they had to say extremely interesting, and booked a trip with them the following day on the trade show floor. 

This was my first International large game hunting experience. An absolute world class adventure from start to finish. The hospitality was second to none, beginning with Paul personally picking us up from the airport, then traveling to the South Island with us a week later. The lodge experience is one for the books. While I was thinking I’d be the only woman in a hunting world I’m not accustomed to, my experience could not have been better. The lodge becomes home and the staff becomes old friends. The scenery is spectacular and the animals are stunning. My husband and I each shot a red stag, and a fallow. We were immediately immersed in the lodge tradition of taking a green chartreuse shot in the field which, of course, turned into an all day celebration that could not have been more perfect. The guides are youthful and energetic and extremely knowledgeable. Cookie, the fabulous chef, was spot on and we enjoyed his typical chef bravado. He took our Texas roots to heart which made us happy so far from home. The overall lodge experience is made a bit more magical with visits from puppies, baby farm animals and bee keepers who come to join the fun. 


On the South Island, Paul introduced us to lifelong friends, helicoptering over the sounds, Tahr hunting and fly fishing. We spent our anniversary enjoying a fresh lobster, lamb and wine lunch by a private stream in the middle of the sound that we helicoptered in and out of. Prior to that, we watched Toby, our pilot, pull the lobster out of the ocean. It was thrilling and one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had and I’ve done a lot of traveling. The Tahr hunting was extremely exciting and, as Paul advised us, a 'do not miss' experience. None of our friends can believe the videos we show them, their mouth gaping open saying, 'I can’t believe you did that!'


As a newbie hunter, but experienced traveler, our trip to New Zealand in 2019 was by far the most fun adventure I have ever had. Adventure is really the only word for it. The hospitality Paul and his team showed us was the reoccurring thread that made our trip so fantastic. We are from Texas, so friendliness  and hospitality is in our blood and we felt right at home in NZ. My husband, who is a lifelong hunter who has travelled the world in search of exotics was over the moon. We recommend this trip to anyone and everyone."

Katherine & Chris Gillman

Texas, USA

Chris and Katherine Gillman Fallow.jpg


Clay Callaway +1 (979) 224-0452

Jim Driggs +1 (512) 496-4623

Bill Lyster +1 (712) 260-7089

John Mullen +1 (316) 371-0325

Neal & Melisa Ramsay +1 (513) 978-8691

Brian & Lynn Reece +1 (850) 293-6742

Kelly Samson +1 (206) 941-4741

Steve Sciania +1 (713) 203-1280

Nikki & Dustin Shoemaker +1 (936) 366-7401

David Sommerfeldt +1 (920) 230-4867

Robert & Sandy Trenschal +1 (713) 876-2881

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