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1-2 pairs of hunting trousers – light / medium weight

2 shirts – one light and one medium weight

3 pairs of woolen socks

2 silk or poly material base layer jerseys

2 pairs of base layer shorts

1 set of insulating underwear – preferably wool or poly

1 lightweight jacket

1 warm hunting jacket

1 set of high quality lightweight/breathable rain gear – jacket and pants

2 pairs of gloves – 1 lightweight or leather, the other waterproof

Warm or insulated hat or cap

Well broken in CLEAN boots (a good support boot like Meindl-Kenetrek-Lowa style)

Binoculars - preferably 8 or 10 power (the guides carry spotting scopes)

Rangefinder (not essential as the guides have these)

Small day pack

Lightweight flashlight and / or head lamp

Camera or phone camera


110/220v New Zealand power converter

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